SAP Business ByDesign Features

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) integrates multiple business processes in real-time, allowing versatile and effective management.

Connect every function across a company on a single, unified cloud platform providing AI-powered analytics and actionable insights to streamline processes. Full cloud integration lets you deploy quickly, save money, and simplify your processes by obviating the need for burdensome hardware and software. SAP Business ByDesign propels scalability and competitiveness without complexity or high cost.

  • Single-cloud for secure and streamlined process management
  • Real-time analytics to propel agility and adaptability
  • Industry-tailored functionality to enhance efficiency and increase profit
  • Best-in-class features integrating all business processes

SAP Business ByDesign delivers powerful analytics and data visualization to improve business decision making and agility. This flexible cloud-based platform facilitates scalability and breaks down silos with augmented and integrated business data solutions – anywhere and anytime you need it.


Complete financial management solution that tracks all supplier and customer transactions in real-time. Straightforward account settings let SMEs oversee every aspect of the business’s finances with precision and efficiency.

  • Accounting: Efficiently process accounts receivable and payable, taxation and compliance, fixed assets and inventory, and more. Break down silos and plan efficiently using automated, easy-to-build shareable financial reports.
  • Cash flow management: Stay on top of your cash position, track sales flow and oversee customer lifecycle with real-time transaction data. Leverage insights to guide decision making for maximum profitability and growth.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Improve customer experience and engagement to convert users.

  • Marketing: Generate leads and opportunities with enhanced and automated marketing campaign management. Understand your marketing funnel and implement processes based on tracked user activity.
  • Sales: Drill down sales funnels with actionable information, empower SMEs to enhance sales flow with customer-driven data. Magnify sales opportunities, manage every step in the sales process from pitch to purchase.
  • Services: Get to know your clients with robust reporting so that you can surpass their expectations.

Human Resources (HR)

Integrate HR operations and processes to improve employee performance and satisfaction.

  • Organization management: Simplify the onboarding process and facilitates employee integration and performance evaluation.
  • Workforce administration: Streamline and automate administrative processes, including payroll, to reduce cost and time burden.
  • Time and attendance: Manage payroll more effectively with centralized data and automated reporting.
  • Employee self-service: Empower your valued employees to self-manage time and attendance reporting and procurement processes.

Project Management

Manage projects of any size or degree of complexity with augmented collaboration functionality. Increase efficiency, profitability, and reporting.

  • Accurate data: Synchronize data from disparate locations and make it transparent and accessible.
  • Augmented oversight: Get perspective on your complete customer lifecycle from first contact to after-sales customer support. Leverage insights to assess shared projects.
  • Custom reporting: Empower employees by enabling your team to update information in real-time from any device.


Save time, money, and hassle with centralized supplier and product information, empowering informed negotiation and supplier management. Optimize procurement activities with visible pricing and product availability, giving you control over the order-to-pay cycle. Manage reporting and documentation processes, including issuing and storing invoices, receipts, returns, and payments.

  • Centralize: All of your business purchasing in one place.
  • Manage: Pain points in the purchasing process, and leverage real-time information to negotiate better prices.
  • Audit: View all the information you need in one place, including account balances, purchases, price lists, and tax information.
  • Report: Automatically deliver comprehensive procurement information.

Supply Chain Management

Respond to changing markets quickly and efficiently with SAP Business ByDesign’s supply-demand matching functionality. Streamline your supply chain and stay agile to enhance customer and supplier satisfaction.

SAP Business ByDesign offers a host of supply chain management capabilities:

  • Supply chain modeling to ensure efficiency
  • Demand-conscious production support
  • Scalable manufacturing, inventory storage, and logistics management
  • Inventory auditing and quality assurance
  • Automate processes related to production and product development

Industry-Specific Functionality

Enhance ERP functionality for complex business models with optimized cloud infrastructure tailored to your industry. SAP offers fixed-price cloud infrastructure solutions for specific industries:

  • Professional services: Centralize processes, get data-driven insights, and position your offerings for maximum profitability and customer satisfaction.
  • Manufacturing: Streamline manufacturing process with integrated data delivering a complete view of your operations and customer journey.
  • Wholesale distribution: Integrate all aspects of your supply chain from warehouse to distribution. Take your business to the next level.
  • Public sector (North America only): Ensure regulatory compliance,  with integrated features. Enhance the agility and transparency of your local government, educational, or non-profit organization.


SAP Business ByDesign is used by companies in over 130 countries. With integrated cloud-based ERP functionality combined with country-specific features, customers can run their businesses from anywhere in the world with confidence.

Localization capabilities enhance the platform’s standard services to propel your business’s local and global success.

For pre-localized countries, SAP Business ByDesign offers partial localization, covering many integrated features.

In-Memory Database

The SAP HANA in-memory database gives you accurate real-time data in rhythm with your business’s high-speed transactions.

Database integration eliminates predefined aggregates, materialized views, and data duplication between systems so that you can operate analytics without delays or unnecessary complexity, and make quick decisions based on the most up to date information.

With all transactional and analytical data stored in a single centralized database with in-memory computing, you can scale your business without performance lags or system tuning.


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