SAP Business ByDesign Key Benefits

Maintaining and integrating software can be a drain on an expanding company’s time and resources, especially companies experiencing rapid growth. SAP Business ByDesign ensures the ongoing success and scalability of your business by owning the entire integration and support process for the platform. Cloud-based SAP experts will manage your platform with ongoing maintenance and monitoring, giving you the support you need, when you need it.

With more than 60,000 customers in 120 countries around the world, SAP Business ByDesign delivers innovative, configurable management solutions backed by a proven record of success. By offering comprehensive installation, implementation, training and ongoing support, companies can focus on growth instead of on software maintenance.

Suite in a Box

SAP Business ByDesign’s secure, cloud-based suite in a box integrates every aspect of managing your business using proven best practices. Delivered on a unified easy-access interface or targeted mobile app, you can keep ahead of the game, even on the go, with all your business data available at the touch of a button.

Manage company financials with up-to-date analytics

Maximize transparency and efficiency with advanced project management capabilities

Grow your business with integrated functionality for human resources applications

Receive real-time insights to streamline your processes and guide business decision-making

Oversee customer funnels with CRM integration to maximize conversion

Monitor supply chain to implement data-driven growth

Built for growth

SAP Business ByDesign supports scalability with a highly configurable software solution designed for growing mid-market businesses. You can reconfigure as you grow. Flexibility and support for rapid scalability let businesses maintain process continuity while contributing to growth.

Scale from 20 to 10,000 users without interruption

Don’t miss critical insights and data with the platform’s real-time analytics

Add or extend functions as you grow with highly adaptable structure

Enter new markets with ease with our global ecosystem spans 120 countries

Advanced localization capabilities ensure your expansion is seamless

Connect to our APIs to maintain operational integrity and propel growth


Advanced reporting and analytics, delivered in real-time so that you can make data-driven decisions. The platform aggregates all of your operational data, swiftly generating complete and easy-to-understand analytics. This means quick, efficient implementation and straightforward, no-surprises pricing structure. SAP Business ByDesign is powered by vast ERP experience, best-practice business processes, and a decade of proven success across the globe.

Connected, in-memory analytics highlight opportunities, delivering actionable insights

Identify and resolve pain points rapidly to ensure scalability

Enhance communication with automated reports you can share with your team

Access metrics and take action with role-based reporting

Enhance user experience and build analytics into every business process

Prepackaged cloud solution with quick implementation


SAP Business ByDesign brings leading-edge technology to the forefront of your business with an innovative, prepackaged ERP solution. SAP Business ByDesign leverages industry-leading cloud to ensure security, connectivity, and adaptability for its customers.

Instant access to your business with desktop and mobile devices availability

Cloud-based, automatic updates keep your business on top of the trends

Agile and adaptable components let you configure the platform to your needs

Security is a top concern, hosting thousands of global businesses

Multiple security measures ensure all of your data is protected

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